Bobby Rader is an 13 year Law Enforcement veteran who has spent the majority of his career working S.W.A.T, Narcotics, and Counter Drug operations. One of his greatest responsibilities during his time in law enforcement has been designing and implementing, advanced firearms and tactics training for fellow law enforcement colleagues. Bobby has had the distinct privilege and honor of working with some of the brightest, brave, and capable Tactical Operators in the country.

Bobby spent years planning and executing one tactical operation after another with these heroes and did so at a very high operational tempo. In that time, and at that pace, he and his team were faced with one use of force decision after another. His time as an instructor, coupled with his operational experience, has provided him an advanced knowledge of legal and tactical use of force and self defense issues.

Over the years, Bobby has watched the state of California get weaker and weaker on crime. He began to ask himself what kind of self defense training the public had access to. After some research, he is confident that he can provide a higher level and quality of training through his own company.

Practical Training Solutions, LLC was born for this purpose. Bobby wanted to provide people with affordable and quality training, that they just can’t get anywhere else.

People who aren’t associated to Law Enforcement, have a lot of anxiety and feelings of insecurity with what they can and can not do to defend themselves or someone else with a firearm. The Practical Training Solutions programs are designed to remove those feelings and put people on a path to a prepared response to a threat vs an instinctive or panicked response. We can help show you the way.